Terms, Conditions and Warranties 2021

Photo Packages

Packages include image editing

2. Telescopic (6.5m) description, if necessary, for external images

3. Images in the compiled Zhome slideshow


1. Images are edited according to your chosen picture profile.

2. editing includes standard; Blue sky-handling, color correction, straightening of outlines, brightness and contrast correction.

Order Management

1. Orders received will be processed within four (4) hours of arrival, within the office opening hours.

2. Photography is offered for the execution of two (2) and outdoor descriptions within five (5) working days.

3. The finished images shall be provided during the working day following the description.

Video packages

Indoor videos:

1. The package contains one (1) hour shooting time.

2. The material is aggregated around. 1 minute video

3. Describe using stable systems

Drone products

1. The package contains one (1) hour shooting time.

2. The aerial photography shall be carried out responsibly according to the instructions and limits of the Traf.

3. The weather reserve, the copter cannot be depicted in the rain or in heavy winds. If the weather does not allow a description at the desired time and the description has not been transferred by the Subscriber on the day before the description at 14.00, a cancellation fee will be charged.


1. Includes color correction

2. Video start and end it is possible to add the graphic elements of your company, eg Destinations. If the destination information is not provided to us at the time of the order, the video will be edited without any target data, utilizing only graphic elements.

3. Includes generic background music (free), music you have delivered, or music from our catalogs. The license for music that is selected in our catalogs is € 70. For the music you provide, you are responsible for the music usage rights.

4. Drone videos contain one point of interest (POI). Extra points 20 / pcs.

5. Videos are delivered in Full HD quality.

To manage your subscription:

1. Orders received will be processed within four (4) hours of arrival, within the office opening hours.

2. Video descriptions are offered to be executed within three (3) working days.

Completed videos will be delivered within 3-5 working days from the description.

4. Upon completion of the video you will receive a download link where you can download the video for yourself.


Item Preparation

1. The item must be prepared for shooting according to the Zentuvo Staiusguide. Cleaning and styling is the responsibility of the intermediary / intermediary’s representative. The best result is achieved when the shooting time can be fully used in the description.

2. The Stailautguide (PDF) and video are available on our homepage.

Cancellation fees

1. The description of the item may be canceled by being connected to ZENTUVO customer service at the latest on the weekday before 14.00.

A € 50 cancellation fee will be charged for the description canceled on the same day.

A normal description of the fee will be charged for any canceled or on-site description.

4. Late payment; If a broker / broker representative is late on the description of the photographer primarily tends to wait for the description spot until the broker / broker’s representative arrives on the scene. In this case, when the broker is 15-30 minutes late, 25 euros will be charged.

However, for scheduled reasons, the photographer is not always able to stay, in which case the description will have to be transferred to the second time when the canceled description is subject to the “on-the-spot description” fee.

Travel expenses

1. The photo and video packages always include a 30km and / or 30 minutes of driving time from your office. If the destination is located in another city then the kilometers / journey time is calculated according to the nearest graph.

2. For over 30km, we charge extra kilometers 0.65 € / km

3. For travel time, the following model is used: • Driving time: 30min +, 37,5 € • Driving time: 45min +, 52,5 € • Driving time: 60 min + 75 € More than one and a half hours are agreed separately .


1. All prices quoted are + VAT prices

2. The implemented descriptions are billed twice a month. Payment Terms 8PV Net


You have access to images / videos that you have subscribed to from Zentuvo Finland Oy subject to the following restrictions.

1. The license will be transferred to Zentuvo Finland Oy when the described item has left the sale / order has been terminated for another reason.

2. The subscriber may not transfer the license to a third party

3. The license applies only to general sales and marketing purposes.

4. Zentuvo Finland Oy may use images / videos in its own marketing

5. Zentuvo Finland Oy retains photographs in its system for 12 months and videos for up to 3 months. After this, ZATUVO will no longer guarantee the availability of products via Zentuvo Finland Oy.